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About Us

AVP PARK - For Safe Futures

Avppark, which has been operating in the sector for many years, has been crowning the memories of you, our valued parents, with our company policy that aims to meet the dreams of our children with quality, since our establishment, and uses all production technologies. We serve you by producing all of our models in our factory with our various product range such as Children’s Playgrounds, Urban-Garden Furniture Equipment, Camellia, Pergola, Bench, Garbage Bin, Children’s Playground, Outdoor Fitness Equipment.

Avppark continues on its way by continuously increasing its design and production quality. With the care it shows in all stages of design, production, sales and after-sales, Avppark, which is the reason for choice, serves its customers in Turkey and many countries of the world with its products of superior quality and standards.

Our quality certificates such as TSE EN 1176-1…7 – TSE K65 – TSE K17- TSE K186 – TSE HYB –TS 7941 – TSE K17 – ISO 9001:2008 – ISO 1401:2004 – OHSAS 18001 – 100% TURKISH MADE OF ORIGIN and We are a leading company in the sector with our certificates.

In our company; In the adventure from production to assembly, with the principle of continuity in quality, we attach great importance to R&D studies in which innovative technologies that give importance to ergonomics are followed in order for our future generations to realize their dreams in a healthy way.

As Avppark family, to you and our children, who are our future; With our environmentalist approach, our aim is to adopt the principle of “Health and life for you, unlimited fun for our children” in this enjoyable process that goes further. Our company continues to rise rapidly in its sector, with our valued customers choosing us, by keeping its young and dynamic structure open to innovations and development, without compromising on quality. Hoping to be together in new projects…

Our Quality Policy

In our company operating in the service sector, we establish high quality and competitive cost conditions in line with customer demands and expectations in line with legal and regulatory requirements. It is our unchanging principle to always prioritize customer satisfaction by meeting it on time and accurately, and to continuously improve the effectiveness of our quality management system and to become a leading organization in our sector by ensuring that all our trained and experienced company employees work in line with the quality management system in order to satisfy our customers’ expectations at the highest level.

Our Environmental Policy

We make significant contributions to the country’s economy by adopting the Total Quality Management philosophy as a principle. Our goal as a leading organization in its sector in terms of technology and quality, aware of its responsibilities towards the environment and society;

  • To minimize internal and external factors that affect environmental pollution,
  • To use resources effectively and rationally,
  • Applying recycling technology,
  • To organize environmental training and awareness-raising ДЕЯТЕЛЬНОСТЬ within and outside the company and to support such ДЕЯТЕЛЬНОСТЬ,
  • To ensure continuous development,
  • By fulfilling its obligations arising from existing laws,
  • It adopts the Environmental Management System and fulfills its requirements in order to ensure environmental awareness in a systematic and regular manner in all fields of activity.
  • It is the duty of all of us, as AVP PARK employees, to realize the Environmental Management System.