Menü Kapat

Our Environmental Policy

We make significant contributions to the country’s economy by adopting the Total Quality Management philosophy as a principle. Our goal as a leading organization in its sector in terms of technology and quality, aware of its responsibilities towards the environment and society;

  • To minimize internal and external factors that affect environmental pollution,
  • To use resources effectively and rationally,
  • Applying recycling technology,
  • To organize environmental training and awareness-raising ДЕЯТЕЛЬНОСТЬ within and outside the company and to support such ДЕЯТЕЛЬНОСТЬ,
  • To ensure continuous development,
  • By fulfilling its obligations arising from existing laws,
  • It adopts the Environmental Management System and fulfills its requirements in order to ensure environmental awareness in a systematic and regular manner in all fields of activity.
  • It is the duty of all of us, as AVP PARK employees, to realize the Environmental Management System.